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  • Ajedrez pintable
  • Set Ajedrez Nacional
    19,00 € In Stock
    Tournament Chess

    This is the chess set that all clubs play , and with which almost all chess tournaments in the world are played. The set of pieces and plastic chess board is composed of: Screen printing board 50mm square Staunton 5/6 Standard Parts

    19,00 €
    In Stock
  • Basic Wood Chess Set
    85,00 € Out of stock
    New Sale!
    Wooden chess

    Staunton 6 wooden chess set consisting of: Mahogany chess board 50mm square with coordinates Wooden chess pieces Staunton 6 German model If you are thinking of buying a complete wooden chess set at a reasonable price, then this is the set for you.

    85,00 €
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    24,95 € In Stock
    Paintable Chess

    Excellent game to learn chess in a fun way. Essential for a teacher to teach all their knowledge and capture all the concepts Painting! Read our review A very innovative product, it gives another perspective to the conventional chess board since it will be able to graphically explain an infinity of concepts and ideas in a dynamic and...

    24,95 €
    In Stock
  • Conjunto Madera plegable lujo 30cm
    54,95 € Out of stock
    Luxury Folding Wooden Chess Set 30cm

    Magnetic chess set ideal for traveling in rosewood or Shesham wood. The dark rosewood is used for the black pieces and the white pieces are boxwood.

    54,95 €
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    Out of stock
  • Conjunto Básico Club
    18,00 € In Stock
    Basic Leaded Chess Set

    Basic set of pieces and board in plastic for clubs composed of: Rigid plastic board 50mm square Staunton 5/6 Club Weights Parts Essential for clubs.

    18,00 €
    In Stock
  • Conjunto Básico Escuela
    11,95 € In Stock
    Basic School Chess Set

    Basic set of pieces and plastic board made up of: Screen printing board 50mm square Staunton 5/6 College pieces (light)

    11,95 €
    In Stock
  • Reloj Dgt 2010 SG
    49,95 € In Stock
    Dgt 2010 Clock

    Official watch of the international chess federation, the best quality-price watch on the market. Color: Bordeaux, blue with white buttons Version: SG Dimensions: 21 x 13 x 7 cm (box) Features: Programmable-with increment and delay Weight: 445gr

    49,95 €
    In Stock
  • Mural plegable 85x85
    84,95 € In Stock
    Folding Chess Wall Board 85x85

    85X85 folding mural with white and blue pieces

    84,95 €
    In Stock
    42,00 € Out of stock
    Mahogany Wood Chess Board with Coordinates

    Chess board with a size of cells of 50 mm.Compatible with chess pieces with a King height of 97 mm, staunton nº6. Side size 48cm.

    42,00 €
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    Out of stock
  • Piezas Madera Staunton 6 Alemán
    48,95 € Out of stock
    German Staunton 6 Wooden Chess Pieces

    Pieces of Staunton Wood nº6 plumb lines Dimensions: King height 95mm Features: with felt - in cardboard box Total weight: 960gr .

    48,95 €
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    Out of stock
  • Piezas Madera Staunton 6 modelo Classic
    51,95 € Out of stock
    Staunton 6 Classic Wooden Chess Pieces

    Pieces of Staunton Wood nº6 plumb lines Dimensions: King height 96mm Features: with felt -in cardboard box Total weight: 1280gr

    51,95 €
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    Out of stock
  • Piezas Madera Staunton 6 modelo Classic
    53,95 € Out of stock
    Staunton 6 American Ebonized Wood Chess...

    Pieces of Staunton Wood No. 6 plumbed, American model. Black pieces ebonized . Dimensions: King height 97mm Features: with felt -in cardboard box Total weight: 1280gr

    53,95 €
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    Out of stock
  • La Apertura Española
    19,50 € In Stock
    The Spanish Opening

    Author: Neil McDonald Pages: 208 Size: 17 x 24 I.S.B.N .: 978-84-92517-38-1 Date of publication: April 2012 Neil McDonald presents in this essential training guide from Ruy López the most important ideas derived from competitive practice and offers the reader his knowledge and experience to answer the key questions.

    19,50 €
    In Stock
  • La Apertura Española
    18,00 € In Stock
    The French Defense

    Author: Byron Jacobs Pages: 176 Format: 17x24 I.S.B.N .: 978-84-935454-9-9 An ideal book for those who want to understand the fundamentals of the French Defense, which is liked by both club players, who admire its supersolid structure, and members of the elite: Anand and Morozevich, among others, they are staunch supporters of it.

    18,00 €
    In Stock
  • Mis Geniales Predecesores Vol.1
    35,00 € In Stock
    My Great Predecessors Vol. 1

    Gary Kasparov Editorial: Ediciones Merán ISBN: 9788493259389 Issue date: 2003

    35,00 €
    In Stock
  • Cuadernillo Ajedrez
    8,00 € In Stock
    Chess Booklet n ° 2

    Bilingual Booklet. Learn to move pieces by playing. Colorable. Chess Story. + 6 years.

    8,00 €
    In Stock
  • El pequeño fritz2
    30,00 € In Stock
    Little fritz2

    A very educational game, designed for the little ones. In this adventure the little ones will learn how the pieces move, and basic chess concepts very quickly. A fundamental tool for the little ones. It is the continuation of little fritz 1, a game where the child will learn more advanced concepts than in the previous game.

    30,00 €
    In Stock
  • Camiseta Campeones del mundo
    9,95 € In Stock
    World Champions T-shirt

    T-shirt with Silkscreen of the World Champions. Exclusive Design

    9,95 €
    In Stock
  • Tablero enrollable de silicona
    12,95 € In Stock
    Silicone roll-up board

    Roll-up board made of silicone that never deforms. Board Size 51x51 Cm. Coordinates: Yes Black color Squares 57 Mm.

    12,95 €
    In Stock
  • Llaveros de ajedrez de madera
    3,50 € In Stock
    Wooden chess keychains

    Unique product from Keychains in the shape of wooden chess pieces. The funny thing about these pieces is that They are real pieces! Staunton 2 plumb pieces in Sheesham / boxwood of the German model. King Lady Tower Horse Bishop Pawn In both colors: black and white.

    3,50 €
    In Stock

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