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    Educational game. A game designed to educate values, promoting creativity and reinforcing the learning process of chess and mathematics.

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  • Planillas de ajedrez
    6,00 € In Stock
    Chess sheets

    Book of spreadsheets to record chess games. Book for 100 games, 75 plays per game. Own design by 64Jaques.com

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  • Llaveros de ajedrez de madera
    3,50 € In Stock
    Wooden chess keychains

    Unique product from 64Jaques.com. Keychains in the shape of wooden chess pieces. The funny thing about these pieces is that They are real pieces! Staunton 2 plumb pieces in Sheesham / boxwood of the German model. King Lady Tower Horse Bishop Pawn In both colors: black and white.

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  • Bolsa para piezas en tela de colores
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    Cloth bag for parts
    4 reviews

    Bag to store your chess pieces. Valid for Staunton 5/6. Take your pieces easily to play wherever you want. Assorted colors Silkscreen of 64jaques.

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  • Boligrafo I LOVE CHESS
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    I LOVE CHESS pen

    Liquid ink pen and chess motif (I love chess Serigraph). Available in 4 colors.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items