Wooden Chess Pieces

High quality handmade wooden pieces. All our pieces are plumbed and have an exceptional finish for the enjoyment of the chess player.

Staunton Chess Pieces

Staunton chess pieces or, for short, Staunton pieces are a particular type of chess piece. According to the rules of chess, this style is used normatively for competitions. Its design is attributed to the Englishman Nathaniel Cook, and the pieces are named after the 19th century chess master, also English, named Howard Staunton.

Plumbed Wood Pieces

To give the pieces greater stability, they carry a lead weight at their base so that when moving them it is more difficult to knock them down. In addition, the pieces are finished off with a felt base that gives the sensation that the pieces are floating as they slide across the board. This is how our pieces are: excellent.

The Shape of the Horse

The detail of the horse's engravings is what makes the difference and you can see them in the mane, ears, eye or mouth. The shape of the horse is what will determine that you opt for one model or another of the existing ones. Chess clubs prefer the simplicity and quality of the German model (also called " german knight "), the classic or the French. The rest of the pieces will add variations to these main models, reaching the exquisiteness of some luxury models, which will surely become your dream pieces when you see them.

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